PATRICIA ABBATE Photography: Blog en-us (C) PATRICIA ABBATE Photography (PATRICIA ABBATE Photography) Thu, 14 Feb 2013 22:11:00 GMT Thu, 14 Feb 2013 22:11:00 GMT PATRICIA ABBATE Photography: Blog 120 70 Blizzard: Before, during, after. Blizzard Nemo swept through the Northeast, leaving record amounts of snow along with widespread devastating coastal damage and days of power outages. The night before the blizzard arrived was calm and colorful.


Sun spire on the bay As the storm was approaching, Peddocks Island become a ghostly image in the snow.

Peddock's Island from Windmill Point ...all this after the groundhog did not see his shadow.


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Big Chill Today the drop in temperature was really noticeable--low teens with a brisk wind from the ocean and the bay. I rolled my car to a stop next to the pier this morning for a grab shot of the wave and ice action from my passenger window. If the cold persists the bay should freeze over in a day or so. Brrrr...

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January thaw Mild temperatures during the day have loosened winter's grip a bit on ice-locked leaves that have drifted downward onto ponds and other watery surfaces. Today I found several leaves that were still bound by fractured ice.


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Fire and Ice Each day the sun is setting later and later--a good sign for those who long for spring. Winter sunsets offer some stunning colors, and tonight's was no exception.Winter sunset at Steamboat Wharf

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Tiny white clams for breakfast With the threat of snow in the forecast, I took a walk on the beach before dawn. The moon was setting over the bay and the clouds were brightening over the ocean. The tide was on its way back in and hundreds of gulls were devouring huge deposits of tiny white clams that had been washed up on the beach during the night. As I walked over the wet sand groups of birds reluctantly took flight to clear my path but quickly regained their position over the clumps of clams that were strewn up against the seawall and all over the beach. I never did see the sun's rays as the clouds thickened and blocked all but the light. Only a light breeze stirred the air and several walkers were out for a morning stroll. As I write this it's well after 10 pm and still no snow, but the winds have picked up and rain is slapping against the window.Nantasket Beach gulls and clams at dawn




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